Monday, Oct.27/14


Daily reflections: Monday: October 27/14


Gospel: Luke 13:10... in this gospel we reject Jesus is teaching in the synagogue and the people are quite receptive and excited by what they hear. A woman who is crippled comes into the synagogue looking for a healing. Now it is the Sabbath which forbids any kind of work on this holy day. Jesus, knows the rule quite well and yet out of compassion Jesus reaches out and he also won\'t and she stands up straight. For a minute, stop imagine what it would be like to go from being bent over to standing up straight and seeing the world as it really is. That one I must\'ve been very very happy and grateful to Jesus. However, the leader of the synagogue severely criticizes Jesus for breaking the Sabbath rest. And Jesus as able to say to him, “the Sabbath was made for people not people for the Sabbath”. This was a very hard lesson for the religious leaders to learn in that they have Jesus and is still a very hard lesson to be learnt and acted on by many religious leaders today.


Reflection: can you remember acting with compassion knowing you are being disobedient to a rule?


Prayer Jesus the compassionate one, you\'ve showed me the way to live and to minister to people carry a heavy burden. I know in my heart of hearts, will be moved by compassion and reach out to a person who needs help even though it means disobeying a rule. Amen