Daily reflections:  Friday: October 24/14


Gospel: Luke 12:54... been reading the Gospels we see that Jesus was very astute and very perceptive and as a result he could see what was really and truly happening. As a result, Jesus was able to speak to and minister to people  effectively. He saw that many people were suffering because of oppression and poverty, he saw that there were many people who were sick of my any kind of medical treatment, he saw that many had been dispossessed of their land... so many suffering people. And Jesus responded creatively and with compassion for the people. Jesus said to the people; “you hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearances on earth and sky, but you don\'t you do not know how to read the signs of the time”. If we as a church, and as communities, and as individuals are really going to minister to people we have to read the signs the time and when we do read those signs we see there are many homeless and hungry people, many people struggling with unemployment, single parents working at two jobs to provide for their children,... those are some of the signs of our time. People who are friends all been followers of Jesus do well to read the signs of the times and to respond as Jesus would respond.


Reflection: what do you see when you read the signs of the time?


Prayer: Jesus, you were able to read the signs of the time and respond creatively and with great compassion and minister to all people. I pray that I, and my community, will also read the signs in the time and respond with creativity and compassion. Amen