Oct. 22/14


Daily reflections: Thursday: October 23/14


Gospel Luke 12:49...  many people writing about Jesus and his message emphasize that he\'s all about peace and harmony. We even sing the song, peace on earth good will to all. Jesus is seen as a peacemaker who would help people overcome misunderstandings and disagreements. This is true but it is only one part of the message of Jesus. In today\'s Gospel he said; “do you think I have come to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division “. Two days messages as Jesus saying that because of him there will be disagreements and conflicts within families as well as people in the community. This may surprise some people that Jesus said he came to be a source of division  as a result of  people who come to love him and his way of life, there will be misunderstandings and disagreements. It is very clear that fidelity to Jesus and his way of living often put a person or a group of people in opposition to others who disagree with them and want nothing to do with Jesus and his vision for the world.


Reflection: has your fidelity to Jesus ever led you into the conflict with another?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, because you spoke the truth in love many people came to criticize you and out of anger wanted to kill you. I pray I have the courage and the strength to live my conviction even when to do so when some people criticize or strongly disagree with my way of life. Amen