Oct. 22/14


Daily reflection: Wednesday: October 22/14


Gospel: Luke 12:39... we know the Jesus was richly gifted with compassion and kindness was able to speak the truth to power. When he called people to be his friends he told them do not waste your gifts, especially your gifts that go with being human, such as disappointment, frustration, grief, the pain of loneliness etc. These he looked upon as gifts that would enable a person to really connect with other people who are caring a heavy burden or going through a very difficult time in their life. The model for this is the wounded healer... a wounded healer is able to connect to people who are suffering or carrying a heavy burden. We read that Jesus said, “from everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; “. Sometimes people do not recognize their suffering and pain as gifts that can be a source of grace for other people who are also suffered. It means taking ownership of our own pain, writing I think that it is a gift, and presenting this gift to people who are in need.


Reflection: do you own your gift of pain and be a wounded healer?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you were a wounded healer and we read in the gospels how often you use your wounds and compassion to heal those who were suffering. You are an inspiration to me and encourage me to be a wounded healer by using my wounds as a source of healing for others. Amen