Tuesday, Oct.21/14


Daily reflections: Tuesday: October 21/14


Gospel: Luke 12:35... by reading the Gospels we know that Jesus was a man who loved and appreciated solitude, how often he would leave aside all his activity in order to spend the whole night in prayer. This prayer time was his thin place when he experienced the presence of God all around him and within his heart, that is his whole being. At the same time Jesus out of balance and in his life... he balanced solitude with action and because he had experienced the thin place he was empowered by God especially to heal. Generally, a thin place can happen in nature with his beauty, it can happen at a time when accepting suffering, it could happen when there is an experience of God between two people or a group of people. What is important is that people go have open heart and an open door in order to allow the Divine Presence to come into consciousness.


Reflection: have you ever experienced a thin place in your life?


Prayer: Jesus, we know that by your experiences in thin place you deepen your relationship with God and were powered by the Spirit to teach and to heal. I realize that I must discipline myself in order to experience a thin place, that is, a conscious awareness of the presence of God. Amen