Daily reflections: Monday: October 20/14


Gospel Luke 12:13... in this Gospel a family comes to Jesus in conflict over an inheritance and they ask and they want Jesus to settle the conflict. Jesus tells a story about a rich man who build an even bigger barn, and a big red harvest, became wealthier, and said to himself that now he could relax eat, drink and be merry and enjoy life. For him everything would just perfect. But God said to him, “you fool! This very night your life is demanded of you. Who then will have your inheritance since you can\'t take your wealth with you.”This man had made his wealth his god, and Jesus telling him that his ladder up against the wrong wall for living his life, that he has avoided and neglected the things that really matter in the eyes of God in Sunday his eyes may be open so you will recognize his mistake but it might be too late to make any real changes.


Reflection: as you journey through life is your ladder of life up against the right wall?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, this story reminds me that I own nothing and whatever I have accumulated will be enjoyed by somebody else when I die. I pray that I am able to stay  unattached to things and develop my relationship with the God of love. Amen