Oct. 15/14


Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 15/14


Gospel: 11:42... continuing on from yesterday we find Jesus still at dinner with the Pharisee. Remember, the Pharisee criticized Jesus for not washing his hands before coming to the table, which was a no no according to the Jewish meal ritual. It was the wrong thing to do because Jesus could more than hold his own with criticism. Jesus went on to tell the Pharisee that he is a hypocrite because in practicing his religion he was taxing the people who already very poor and neglected justice and the love of God. There was always a great temptation for religious leaders who have the people pay up so that the leaders can live in style with the best of food and drink. Sometimes, religious leaders seem to be in different the sufferings of the people in the heavy burdens that they carry. The Pharisee must\'ve been very angry to be so confined and challenged by Jesus.


Reflection: have you ever thought off challenging and confronting a religious leaders?


Prayer: Jesus, you are a person who always spoke the truth in love even though in doing so it may have upset somebody but it was for their own good. I pray that when I am criticized I will give a serious thought to see if perchance I need to make some changes in the way I live. Amen