Monday, Oct.13/14


Daily reflections: Monday: October 13/14


Gospel Luke 11:29... in this Gospel it seems that Jesus is discouraged due to the fact that so few people are responding to his invitation, experience life in the kingdom of God, that is a God centered life. He talks about the past making reference to Jonah, the Queen of the South, and the people of Nineveh... I\'ll respond positively in those particular stories. It was normal for Jesus to be discouraged, he was human and again he human teacher is always the hope that those who listen will take his message to heart and live a richer and fuller life. However, as we keep reading the Gospel, we find that the Spirit restored Jesus mentally and spiritually so he was able to once more feel more positive and continue on his ministry.


Reflection: did you ever experience some discouragement in your work?


Prayer: Jesus, I see your true humanity in this story and identify with you and your discouragement. However, I am also encouraged with the awareness that the Spirit renewed you and you rose to the location. I believe of the same Spirit will always help me to deal with my discouragements and to rise up and be faithful to your call. Amen