Daily reflections: Friday: October 10/14... some of the people accused Jesus of being a person who is causing disagreement and conflict and as a result people were quarreling amongst themselves. Jesus says not so ”every kingdom divided against itself becomes a desert, and house falls on  house”. Jesus knows very well that if there is divisiveness, quarreling, selfishness and self seeking, their communities will end up being divided and there will be no peace. Jesus always spoke about unity. Jesus revealed that God of community and people who became followers of Jesus are committed to building a community of justice, compassion, and peace. It is possible for people in a community to disagree with one another without it becoming a source of conflict but rather an effort to understand one another and by understanding bridges are built and relationships are healed.


Reflection: can you see a need for reconciliation in your community, in your parish, in your city, in your country?


Prayer: Jesus you always preached a message of unity and equality and inclusivity. I believe that when I act like you and I am able to be a builder of the community with these characteristics and when I do it will be a community of peace and joy. Amen