Daily reflections: Wednesday: October 8/14


Gospel: Luke 11:1... as the disciples traveled with Jesus they saw that frequently withdrew from their presence in order to spend time in prayer. As their friendship deepened they began to wish that they could pray as Jesus did. So one day the disciples asked Jesus; Lord teach us to pray. Jesus gave them what we call the Lord\'s prayer which begins with the words; ”Our Father”. By using these two words Jesus indicated that he had a very deep and intimate relationship with God. In the Gospels, we read that time and again Jesus would say, I am the father are one, those who see me see the father, and similar expressions of intimacy with God. Also, Jesus was a sacrament pointing to God and he never took credit for anything he did, when he healed people, when he preached to people, when he fed people with their multiplication of loaves and fishes, etc., he never said to the people look how great I am, worship me, he always pointed to God because he wanted people to imitate him in developing intimacy with God, developing a deep and loving relationship with God. This is what Jesus wanted for people.


Reflection: when you pray the words Our Father does it speak up your intimacy with God?


Prayer; When I say the Lord\'s Prayer in the future I will allow the words Our Father to be an expression on my deep and intimate relationship with the living God. Amen