Oct.7/14 Monkey Mind


Daily reflections: Tuesday: October 7/14


Gospel: Luke 10:38... Jesus dropped into this at Martha and Mary for the purpose of the conversation and a free lunch. Mary, is very hospitable and welcomes Jesus and takes the time to sit down and chat with him. However, Martha is hospitable in her own way in that she has been busy preparing a meal for Jesus and Mary. We read that: “Martha was distracted by her many tasks.” What happened to Martha and happened to many of us very easily, it is what we call the monkey mind. Now the monkey mind is a busy mind that jump from topic to topic, from issue to issue, from scenario to scenario, and want it does is make a person upset, anxious, and often very angry. It seems this is what happened with Martha, her monkey mind had become very busy and she becomes a complainer.


Reflection: do you sometimes find that your monkey mind statue from living in the moment?


Prayer: Jesus, you trained your mind through meditation to be still and allow you to live in the moment without looking back or looking ahead. From your example I can see the importance of meditation if I am to live in the now and not let my monkey might take me to the past and become depressed or into the future and become anxious. Amen