Oct.3/14 Friday you are the voice of God


Daily reflections: Friday: October 3/14


Gospel: Luke 10:13... we have Jesus talking to his disciples and he has become quite aware that many people in the various towns are simply not paying attention to him and to his teachings. As a result Jesus warns those towns that they\'re really going to miss a golden opportunity for the transforming of their lives and their culture. They will be left with their present way of life, their culture with all its negativity. Finally Jesus says to his disciples: “whoever listens to you listens to me, and whoever rejects you rejects me, and whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.” With these words Jesus makes it very clear that he is the voice of God and that the people do not listen to the disciples who also become the voice of God then they\'re left to their own ways. On the other hand, those who listen to the disciples, the voice of God, will find a new way of living, a deep and vibrant relationship with God, and all the graces that they need for living a peaceful and fulfilling life.


Reflection: can you think of and occasion when the word of God made a difference in your life?


Prayer: Jesus you are the voice of God and today other people anointed by the Spirit are the voice of God for people of our time. The Spirit awakens me to realize that I am the voice of God today in my speech must reflect who I am and what I am about. Amen