Thurs.; Oct.2/14 a need to feel important


Daily reflection: Thursday: October 2/14


Gospels: Matthew 18:1... it seems clear that a person\'s ego is frequently striving for 1st place. It seems there is a need to feel more important, to seek out approval and praise, to be competitive and to be a winner at all costs, feel superior to other people. Certainly we see this kind of striving almost disciples of Jesus. In today\'s Gospel we read that the disciples asked Jesus: “who is the greatest in the kingdom of God?”   Naturally, they want to hear Jesus say that they were the greatest and that if they continue to follow him they would grow in their importance and of course this would lead to their pride and arrogance. Jesus shocked them by saying that it is the child who is the greatest. Now the word child was a symbol for the poor, the marginalized, the sick, and as the Gospel said even tax collectors and prostitutes all make up part of what Jesus meant when he said we had to become like a child. That is humble not proud, and because of our humility they would then be able to be a servant to the people of God.


Reflection: can you see at times when you were striving to be important?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, I am reminded of the words of Mica the prophet who said that to serve God is to love kindness, to do justice, and to walk humbly with your God. May the grace of God help me to follow the teaching of Mica. Amen