Mon. Sept. 29/14 no deceit


Daily reflections: Monday: September 29/14


Gospel: John 1:47... Jesus even be very perceptive about the personality and the character of people and was able to spot those who are really authentic. Today\'s Gospel is an example of this. We read that Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to him and Jesus gave him a great complement when he said; ”here is a man in whom there is no deceit”. Those words speak about the humanity of Nathaniel, that is transparent, honest and truthful, very open and receptive, warm and caring.


Reflection: Nathanael lives within each one of us and to our self reflection, awareness, we discover the true self within, our personal Nathaniel. Are you looking for your Nathanael?


Prayer: Jesus, as a friend of yours and imitating your life I too must become aware of my inner Nathanael so I indeed will be a person in whom there is no deceit. I believe that by the grace of God, God can do this with me. Amen