Sept.26/14 deepen one\'s relationship with God


The daily reflection: Friday: September 26/14


Gospel: Luke 9:23... in this story that has Jesus talking about the cost of discipleship. We read “those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will save.” Jesus made it very clear that discipleship meant a way of living not necessarily being caught up in believing the right thing and doctrine and dogma or obeying obsolete rules. The same ones life is to live a self-centered and selfish life for oneself... it\'s all about me and what I can get for myself. To lose one\'s life is the ability to move from living from the outside in instead of the inside out. Live from the inside out basically means growth and transformation, a discovery of the True Self, which is to become aware of the Divine Presence within an all-around one. This awareness changes a person\'s worldview and what is important and worthwhile and what is not. It also means that the person will be inspired by the Divine Presence, the Spirit within, to develop and deepen his/her relationship  with God and the grace to live up that relationship in one\'s relationship with other people at all of creation.


Reflection: does your spiritual practices help you to consciously and with intention to develop a deeper relationship with God?


Prayer: Divine Presence, dwelling within me may you inspire me to have the discipline that is required to take seriously the spiritual practices which deepen my relationship with God. Amen