Thurs. Sept.25/14 seek Jesus


Daily reflection: Thursday: September 25/14


Gospel: Luke 9:7... in this passage we read about the curiosity of Herod, who was not a Jew but rather a Roman Empire authority sent to Govern Palestine. Through the grape vine Herod was hearing stories about Jesus... his teachings, the healings, and about his simple way of life. Also, there were many rumors about who this Jesus was, John the Baptist raised up from the dead, and Elijah are some of the other prophets had arisen from the dead. Herod knew that he had not beheaded and so Herod tried to see Jesus. This is an interesting turn of phrase... he tried to see Jesus not because he believed that because he was curious and wondering if Jesus had something worthwhile to say to him. So, he tried to see Jesus.


Reflection: with all this going on in the church and the world the story of Herod reminds us to seek Jesus... why spiritual practices do you have which helps you to see Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus, Herod is a symbol of all those who are seekers of searchers for the truth. I realize that being a friend of Jesus I need to commit myself to seeking his way of living and embracing it wholeheartedly. Amen