Sept. 24/14 Weds. bearer of Good News


Daily reflections: Wednesday: September 24/14


Gospel: Luke 9:1... slowly but surely Jesus is empowering his disciples to minister to the people just as he did. Jesus was going to depend on his friends to carry on his ministry of proclaiming and bringing about the kingdom of God in the hearts of people and in society. Jesus empowered his friends giving them power and authority overall beam is and to cure diseases and sent them to proclaiming the kingdom of God and to heal. Those were the very activities of Jesus himself. Jesus sent him out to by two selecting would have a traveling companion and support. The disciples of Jesus and clear instructions, “go to the villages and to the people bringing them good news.” Unfortunately, sometimes religion is not good news because of all the rules and regulations and emphasis on believing the right thing and so people are turned off by those kinds of teachings. Today, as friends of Jesus we must be able to interpret the Scriptures and the way of Jesus as good news and then people will be receptive and embrace the way of Jesus for their living.


Reflection: what good news do you bring to you bring to the people you know?


Prayer: Jesus you are the light of the world and you and your disciples proclaimed a message that was filled with hope and good news. I pray that I will be good news I will speak good news to others and our way of life in desperation to those who are struggling. Amen