Mon. Sept. 22/14 to be a light


Daily reflections: Monday: September 22/14


Gospel: Luke 8:16... in this scripture passage Luke has Jesus saying: “no one after lighting a lamp but puts it on a nightstand so that to everyone can see the light.” Jesus was a shining light in the way he lived his life and his teachings which he put before the people, for him to do this the tremendous courage because he knows he would be criticized and condemned. He knew that people would prefer the status quo,don\'t make waves, or remain silent because of fear. First of all, it means becoming a light by reason of conversion, awareness, and the raising of consciousness, this is the light. To let that light shine means that we must have the courage of our conviction, to act and speak out on the side of compassion and justice, to be a light which dispels the darkness of negativity.


Reflection: do you remember a time when you spoke up and took a stand when you knew it was not going to be popular?


Prayer: Jesus, we know that you had the courage to take a stand and speak the truth knowing you would be criticized and condemned. I know that the grace of God has enabled me and will continue to enable me to be a light by speaking the truth. Amen