Sept.11/14 Thursday: love of enemy


Daily reflections: Thursday: September 11/14


Gospel: Luke 6:27... we know that Jesus wanted to change the world in which people lived. He saw the violence and the wars within the Roman Empire and how much suffering this brought to so many people. We know that Jesus and his vision and its teachings turn things upside down and inside out and today Scripture is a good example of this. Jesus said to his disciples:” I say to you love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who persecute you, pray for those who abuse you.” Can you begin to imagine the kind of world we would have if the followers of Jesus took this seriously, if the people of the world heard the message of Jesus and acted on we would then have a world without violence and war. This is probably one of those hard sayings that the people heard from the lips of Jesus.


Reflection: you have an enemy that you could pray for?


Prayer: Jesus, to call us to love an enemy is one of your hard sayings and we read that he was many people turn away from you and walked no longer with you when you gave this teachings. I realize I have to first love my enemy within and only when I love my enemy within will I be able to love a person or people who I might see as an enemy. Amen