Sept.10/14 attachment/unattached


Daily reflections: Wednesday: September 10/14


Gospel: Luke 6:20... Jesus is teaching his disciples and this is what\'s known as recipe for living and was misunderstood at the time of Jesus and is still very much misunderstood today. For example, we read, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God”. I think the first of all is because Jesus himself is poor that he\'s able to make a statement, he did not have a lot of possessions or attachments, you never want of power or prestige, he did not have a lot of popularity or acceptance... Jesus was very poor and because of his poverty you could make God the God of his life. In this sense it reminds us that possessions, attachments, popularity and power, etc. while not wrong in themselves they can become a barrier to surrendering to God and allowing God to be God in our life. It seems that for many people richness and power because their gods, even though they may be very religious.


Reflection: what are your thoughts on your own attachments?


Prayer: Spirit of God, I pray that you will help me to wake up to see where some or other attachments are a barrier between myself and God. Trusting the inspiration of the Spirit I will practice detachment in order to make room in my heart for the Divine Presence. Amen