Tues. Sept.9/14 prayer for discernment


Daily reflections: Tuesday: September 9/14


Gospel: Luke 6:12... there is a very important lesson in today\'s Scripture reading for anyone whose face was making a choice and a decision. We read that Jesus went to the mountain to pray, he spent the night in prayer to God. And when he came back, he called his disciples...”Jesus was faced with making a very important choice and decision about who would be his main friends and followers and carry on his ministry when he was no longer with them. He noted that he chose the wrong people in his work of proclaiming the kingdom of God would fail. On the other hand, he knew that if he chose the right people they would commit themselves to the task and with the instruments of grace and laying the foundation for the kingdom of God here on earth. Jesus needed discernment and enlightenment and he spent the night in prayer in order to be guided by the spirit and making his choices and decisions.


Reflection: when you are faced with choices and decisions you imitate Jesus by praying for guidance?


Prayer: Jesus the man of prayer, you followed your intuition and spend the night in prayer trusting that God would show you whom you whom to choose to carry on your mission to the world. I do well to follow your example and faced with choices and decisions in order to be guided in my decision-making Amen