break with tradiltion


Daily reflection:  Monday, September 8/14


Gospel: Matthew 1:1... and this gospel Matthew writes about an upcoming wedding between Mary and Joseph and there is one huge problem... Mary is pregnant. When Matthew wrote the Gospel it was totally unacceptable for a man who except for his wife a pregnant woman. The tradition was to disown her, in which case she would be in abject poverty, or to put her away by returning her to the family who in turn would be shamed and one cast her out. It was a terrible situation for a woman. However this story is different than the usual story of a young man in a pregnant woman. Joseph had a dream and then I dream of Angel appeared to him and struck him to take Mary as his wife. Joseph, a just man, listen to the voice of the Spirit and he broke with tradition and took Mary as his wife and soul wedding proceeded as planned.


Reflection: can you tune into the struggle of Joseph and his courage to break with tradition because loving is more important than keeping a creation?


Prayer: In today\'s story I learned from Mary and Joseph that obstacles can come in the way of living life as I plan. However, it teaches me to listen to the voice of the Spirit and like Joseph to break with tradition and do the most loving thing in regard to other people. Amen