Fri. Sept.5/14 new wine & new wineskins


Daily reflection: Friday: September 5/14


Gospel: Luke 5:33... and this gospel the scribes and Pharisees are criticizing the disciples of Jesus because they\'re not following the usual tradition, that is the rituals which have become very familiar to them and which they relied on to win their way to God. Jesus knew that he was bringing fresh and new ideas to the people, a new way of looking at and living life and as a result you\'ll rituals the longer serve a purpose. In fact, the followers of Jesus will have to rely on the guidance of the Spirit bring forward new traditions which would strengthen and enrich their spirituality, their relationship with God. Jesus said, “no one puts new wine into old wine skins”. This is something we have to learn today if our spirituality is going to be in step with the evolution of us taking place in our society. New wineskins means new containers for people spirituality, and the new containers, or the result of letting go of the old and creating new ways of thinking. The new wine are spiritual activities like praying the Scriptures and Scripture study, meditation or contemplation, trusting one\'s experience of the Spirit who inspires and guides us into doing good


Reflection: are you open and receptive to new wine or are you clinging to the old?


Prayer: Spirit of the living ,God I promise to be open and receptive to your urgings and inspiration. I realize that I must become more aware of how God is acting in my life and the lives of people around. Amen