Sept. 3/14


Daily reflection: Wednesday: September 3/14


Gospel: Luke 4:38... this model continues on from yesterday where he found Jesus in the synagogue teaching the people. The people want him to stay and teach them and heal their sick but Jesus tells them that he has other plans and that he must take his ministry to other people. We read; “Jesus continued proclaiming the message in the synagogues of Judea”. It was by moving from village to village, and from synagogues to Synagogues, that deal is able to spread the good news about the kingdom of God an alternative way of living than what their religion or society had to offer them. He also pointed out that his message was not compatible with the philosophy of the day as it is not compatible with the culture of our day with its emphasis on money, consumerism, capitalism, pollution of the environment, the oppression of the poor, violence and war... the kingdom of God is a way of living that has all to do with justice and compassion, with reconciliation and healing, which putting one\'s gifts and talents at the service to humans and all creation. In other words salvation is not pointing to an afterlife but rather to the here and the now other people can live life to the full.


Reflection: how does the message of Jesus give meaning and  purpose to your life?


Prayer: Jesus I see that the kingdom of God the beautiful and powerful vision for humans in all of creation. I pray that each and every Christian community will come to see what you saw and put their gifts and talents at reading a world of justice and peace. Amen