Sept.2/14 speak with authority


Daily reflection: Tuesday: September 2/14


Gospel: Luke 4:31... here we read that Jesus went to a city in Galilee and went to the synagogue to speak to the people on the Sabbath. Apparently Jesus spoke for some time explaining to the people idea of the kingdom of God, which still hold the way of living life, then very countercultural. We read that the people were astounded at his teaching, “because he spoke with authority”. This is something very new to the people in the because when their religious leaders spoke to them they were always according people on the past and they never said what they really believe in what they held as sacred. Jesus spoke with authority because he had a healthy and loving relationship with God. In a very real way Jesus made his voice a voice of God. Most often use began his talks by saying, “I say to you...”he spoke to the people from his heart. It was clear that he knew that God loved him unconditionally, that he loved God deeply, and that he loved the people with all his heart and soul.


Reflection: when you tell your story to someone to use big from the “I” position and allow your truth to be revealed?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, because you were so filled with God\'s love when you to spoke to people from your heart and the people by the sound of your voice and your message felt that you could be believed. When I tell my story it will be with love and compassion and honesty. Amen