you are loved and lovable


Daily reflections: Friday: July 4/14


Gospel: Matthew 9:9... the one thing for which Jesus was most often criticized for was his association and eat meals with the poor and the marginalized. Particularly, the religious leaders took offense at this kind of behavior and challenge Jesus for choosing to do so. The disciples did not know how to deal with this kind of criticism and how to support Jesus. Jesus gave the error seems his own answer to their objections. We read that Jesus said” those who are well have no need a physician, but those who are sick do.... I desire compassion, not sacrifice.” They said always been the theme of Jesus life and ministry, that I compassion for people especially those who are suffering, or struggling with life, are marginalized, would be received into his presence, would be fed, healed, affirmed off their intrinsic goodness and liberated. This is a new thing for the religion of the day.


Reflection: when you are considering doing a good deed do you hesitate because you wonder what people will say?


Prayer: Gracious God, we know that you live within all of us and you do not distinguish because in your eyes all are equal, all are loved and lovable. Jesus brought this great compassion to earth and told us that all people are loved and lovable and are liberated in order to live a life of compassion to others. Amen