Daily reflections: Thursday: July 3/14


Gospel: John 20:24... this story takes place shortly after the resurrection and the disciples are trying to decide whether or not to believe in the resurrection of Jesus and also reporting signs and sightings that would seem to confirm that Jesus was a lie and well. However, Thomas, called doubting Thomas, said disciples I need to have my own personal experience before I will believe in the resurrection. The story goes on to tell us that Jesus appeared to Thomas and invited him to put his hand in the wound in his side and a mark of the nails in his hands. At this point Thomas was able to say: “my Lord and my God!” Sometimes, people worry about having doubts in their faith life. Yet the truth of the matter is that doubting important in our faith journey because it forces us to ask questions, to do some serious thinking and pondering, and to have our own personal experience in order to make our faith are personal and our very own.


Reflection: can you see where your doubts and help you deepen your faith?


Prayer: Jesus, you would be pleased to find that Thomas was doubting the resurrection and you offer him a religious experience which opened his heart and mind so that he believed on his own and was now ready and prepared to live his belief in you. I realize that doubting can be a time of grace when instead of being fearful of the doubts I prayerfully ask questions. Amen