mental illness


Daily reflection: Wednesday: July 2/14


Gospel: Matthew 8:28... here we read that Jesus came to the other side of the sea and two demoniacs came out of the tombs to meet him. The people saw them as fierce and they feared them. And the demoniacs asked Jesus, have you come here to torment us before the time? Jesus immediately had compassion on the two men and realized that they were mentally ill and Jesus did what he always did he reach out to them and healed them. We can only imagine what powerful experience that was the two men who are mentally ill, to be given back their lives, restored the mental health, and now able to get on with their life and feel that life is worth living.


Reflection: are you waiting presence with those who live with mental illness?


Prayer: Jesus the healer, you have shown us the way to love and accept those who are mentally ill and not to pass judgment. I know we have nothing to fear and yet fear often stops us from being present to people who are living with mental illness. I pray that I, and the people of the community, will be more sensitive and caring for those living with mental illness. Amen