Gospel: Matthew 5:38... we read that Jesus said to his disciples: “you have heard that it was said, a eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth ”. Jesus challenges this whole idea of all seeking revenge and retribution. It was very common in his day for people who have felt they were offended to feel they were justified to rectify the situation by inflicting similar punishment upon the offender. Then we read:” do not resist the evildoer”. In another place., Jesus told the disciples, not only to love one another but also to all their enemy, do good to those who hate you. This is the new message that Jesus brought to the people of his time. By so doing he says there has to be an end to people seeking revenge and retribution, that there must be an end to violence for those who would be his friend. This message on nonviolence was hard to accept other people at this time and when we look at the world we see that a lot of people today still choose violence to settle their differences.


Reflection: how does the teaching of Jesus play out in your life?


Prayer: Jesus the compassionate one, you get a powerful living example of non-violence and your choice not to bring vengeance and retribution on those who offended you. You made this teaching non-negotiable for your followers. As you have set the example Jesus so I will choose to imitate you and refuse to do violence to anybody. Amen