practice what you preach


Daily reflections: Wednesday: June 25/14


Gospel: Matthew 7:15... we know that Jesus was a good teacher and by his methodology was able to present to the people the dream of God for all humanity. Many other people who listen to Jesus came to believe that Jesus was a true teacher and they could trust his word. However, there are many different teachers claiming to be sent by God. So Jesus told people how to distinguish he said; ”every good tree bears good fruit, but the tree bears effort... by their fruits you will know them”. A good tree, that is a honest teacher, will be known by their fruits both in their life style and what they proclaim, for example, peace, love, joy, inclusion and equality, compassion and justice and reconciliation... to mention some of the fruits of the Spirit.


Reflection: do you watch for the fruits of the Spirit in a creature or teacher?


Prayer: Jesus, you spoke the truth in love and the people were able to believe you because they saw you put practice and lived what you taught. I am committed, with the help of Holy Spirit, to imitate you so that there will be a true congruence between what I say and what I do. Amen