speak out...


Daily reflections: Tuesday: June 24/14


Gospel Luke 1:57... in this story we read that Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist. The father called John the Baptist was Zechariah and he had a religious experience in the temple where he became mute and so he was unable to talk. The people were going to name the baby is Zechariah after his father and Zechariah singled to them he want a writing tablet and he wrote on a tablet, “his name is John” and at moment this time was freed up and he was able to talk. This is a powerful story that may be experienced in our life. For example, we’re with a group of people in the conversation becomes negative, and we remain silent, or somebody starts to criticize and judge somebody and we don\'t speak up, sometimes because of fear of not being popular or may offend someone, we choose to remain silent. This story tells us don\'t be mute but rather open our mouth and speak the truth with kindness, speak the truth to power, speak the truth even in the face of criticism.


Reflection: have you ever remain mute when looking back you might have spoken out?


Prayer Lord Jesus, you showed real courage when you spoke the truth and wisdom with  compassion and love  knowing that many people would criticize you and judge you. I pray that the Spirit will give me the courage I need to speak the truth in love and not worry about the consequences.