Daily reflections: Monday: June 23/14


Gospel: Matthew 7:1... the Gospels show us that Jesus was open and receptive to all people, even the people who make small and huge mistakes, yet Jesus Judged no one. Now we know that Jesus practiced what he preached and he preached unconditional love and the ability to accept people as they were, while He judge the persons actions, he did not judge the intrinsic worth of a person. As a result Jesus is telling the people to imitate him and to live with unconditional love and without judgment. We read that Jesus said, “why do you see the speck in your neighbor\'s eye, but do not notice log in your own eye”. By these words Jesus saying very clearly that what comes to looking for faults, our mistakes, we do well to look in the mirror and get a good look at our own actions, thoughts and behaviors and to change those rather than trying to change other people.


Reflection: what does this passage say to you?


Prayer: Jesus, you showed me very clearly I must not look out and see the speck in other people\'s eyes, that is their fault, but rather to look in the mirror and it seemed my own weaknesses and shortcomings I trust the Spirit for growth and transformation.