daily life


Daily reflections: Thursday: June 26/14


Gospel: Matthew 7:21... in this passage Jesus continues to warn the people particularly the religious leaders who often put their religiosity on display in order to have people think they were God-fearing. Jesus points out that many of the religious leaders say all the right words, reform all the right rituals, keep the right fast, but do not practice what they preach. He calls them hypocrites. They say is a basic requirement of people to live in the kingdom, “everyone who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.” Jesus makes it very clear that it\'s acting on the word of God, doing the will of God, in daily and ordinary life which is characteristic of the person living in the kingdom. Words without action simply don\'t count, it is actions such as acts of kindness and compassion, truth telling, acting justly, facilitating reconciliation and peace... these are some of the characteristics of those who are acting on the word of God in their daily life.


Reflection: what are your thoughts on the statement of Jesus regarding acting on the Word?


Prayer: Jesus I read your warning and realize that it\'s the way I live and the quality of my life and relationships that recount in your kingdom. I promise with the help of the Spirit to try to live my life each day in such a way as to accomplish the will of God.