wrong desires


Daily reflections: Wednesday: June 18/14


Gospel: Matthew 6:1... the thing you notice about Jesus is that he went about his ministry very quiet and he never desired notice or applause. It seems that Jesus always look that what was the right thing to do, what was the compassionate thing to do, and do it without any kind of glorification of his ego. Jesus therefore warned his disciples and when they followed in his footsteps and began their ministry must avoid any temptation and desire for glorification, applause, praise, or reward. We read that Jesus said to his disciples, “beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them.” Jesus saw that too many other religious leaders made very public and visible their religious practices because they want people to come the conclusion that they were holy and very religious. Jesus called them hypocrites.


Reflection are you able to do good simply because it is the most loving thing to do?


Prayer: Jesus I know that very often I am looking for praise and acclaim when I do good. It is so seductive to receive a lot of praise and commendation. It will be my desire to do good simply because it is the right thing  to do it with love and compassion. Amen