Daily reflection: Monday, June 16/14


Gospel Matthew 5:3... we read that Jesus said, ”you have heard it said, and I for an eye and a tooth for tooth”. This is one of the ethical codes that the people of his time lead-in and by. However, Jesus makes it very clear that violence is not part of life in the kingdom of God. He makes it very clear that retaliation and engines are not part of his ethics. Jesus never retaliated against those who criticize them, judge him, nor those who condemned him to death. Jesus believed in a practice nonviolence at all times. They taught, that men and women were going to be companion with him on the journey of life need to say no to violence and cheaper nonviolent and compassionate way of living their life. We live in a world of great violence always from abuse to war and according to Jesus these actions are all well. In the eyes of Jesus the right way to live life as nonviolent.


Reflection: have you ever been tempted, are actually active, in a violent way?


Prayer: Jesus my brother, you showed me a great example on how to avoid violence and how to live nonviolently even when you have been attacked and criticized. I realize that at times I have acted violently when angry or afraid. I open my heart to the Holy Spirit from whom I will receive the courage and strength to become a nonviolent person. Amen