delusions in life


Daily reflections: Friday: June 13/14


Gospel: Matthew 5:27... their various teaching styles use by teachers and preachers and generally they try to have a style that fits the audience. At the time of Jesus, many of the teachers use the exaggeration is a hook to use to grab people\'s attention and also with an exaggerated statement and made the audience had to do their own thinking in order to get the meeting and the teaching and the meeting. Today\'s Gospel is a good example of this kind of teaching. Jesus says: “if your right eye causes you to sin tear it out to throw away... your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it.” As a storyteller Jesus never intended that people will take this literally a rather Jesus was giving them a story which would open their eyes to the reality of temptation, of desires, all fantasy and imagination, and by doing this Jesus was warning them not to be deceived by those kinds of thoughts and desires.


Reflection: what do you make of the exaggerations and this story?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, your model of presenting hard truths by the use of exaggeration certainly would catch the attention of the people of your time as it does today. I pray that the Spirit will help me to see the delusions that surround me and come from within me that I am not deceived by these delusions. Amen