empowered by the Spirit


Daily reflections: Wednesday: June 11/14


Gospel Matthew 10:7... in this passage Matthew has Jesus sent his disciples out two by two with clear instructions of what they were to offer to the people, he said,” proclaim the good news... you sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You receive without payments, give without payment.” First of all, his friends were to realize how they have been richly blessed by their friendship with Jesus and Jesus gave them so generously because of love and not looking for payment. Secondly, he said ministers of people who are in need, don\'t do a lot of talking and explaining, or rather listen very carefully and when you hear the complaints of people, we learn of the burdens are carrying, then powered by the Spirit spotted them in a way that lightens their burdens, give relief and released to their anxieties and fears, and in this way those who are needy and hurting of a touch by the Holy Spirit dwells within you.


Reflection: do you feel empowered by the Spirit to minister to people?


Prayer: Jesus I read a Spirit empowered your friends to minister to people who are burden of their day. I know I have been anointed by the same Spirit, being empowered, to minister to people who day by day who are carrying a burden. Amen