feed my sheep


Daily reflections: Friday: June 6/14


Gospel John 21:50... Peter has been journeying with Jesus a long time, he has heard Jesus preach and teach and heal, but more than that then become a strong relationship between Jesus and Peter. We know that in a strong relationship a person does not deny nor is disloyal to her friend. We know that Peter three times denied that he knew Jesus and do him as a friend. In this Gospel story Jesus confronts Peter and three times he asked Peter if he loves him. At first, Peter says you know I love you., a second time here says you know I love you, we\'re dying here says “Lord, you know everything, you know that I love you”. At this point Jesus says to Peter”feed my sheep”. We need to reflect on this action between Peter and Jesus and bring it into our own life. First, how we develop a relationship with Jesus so we can say, I love you. Secondly, can we say we have never been disloyal nor denied knowing Jesus? Do we hear Jesus speaking to you when he says, “feed my sheep”. Certainly this is a call to a nurturing and caring ministry on behalf of all the friends of Jesus


Reflection: do you say you\'re ministry as feeding people?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, this story inspires me to continue developing an ever closer relationship with you. Because I value that relationship I promise never to deny knowing you and that strengthened by your Spirit I will, by word and actions, feed your people. Amen