oneness and unity


Daily reflections: Thursday: June 5/14


Gospel John 17:20... again John has Jesus talking about his departure and in so doing Jesus talks about God\'s dream for the people of the world. We read: “as you, father, are in me and I am one you, maybe also be anonymous but the world may believe that you have sent me. “ Clearly, it is a dream of God that people see themselves as one family here on planet Earth, that people see themselves as brothers and sisters in this family, that there be unity and equality, but people treat each other with compassion and kindness, and there be no discrimination, racism, sexism, or anything else which would separate people from one another, or groups from one another, or nations from one another.


Reflection: do you find yourself personally builds bridges or build walls?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, it seems to me it is human nature want to have in groups and out groups and as a result there is a failure to have unity and oneness. I pray the Spirit help me to see opportunities to build bridges and consensus and avoiding discrimination and separation. Amen