Daily reflection: Wednesday: June 4/14


Gospel John 17:11... again John has Jesus talking about his departure and the impact this will have on his disciples, his followers, his friends. He gives a clue on how they were to manage getting his kingdom people and at the same time not being domesticated by the culture in which they were living and ministering. We read and this is Jesus speaking to them on behalf of God “I am not asking you to take them out of the world, I ask you to protect them from the darkness of the world”. Sometimes, people see religion as a part from and separate from the real world, some people see the real world as evil, corrupt, anti-religion. There may be some aspects of this, however, Jesus tells his friends that they have to live as kingdom people in this world and remember that they are kingdom people who were meant to transform the world and not be domesticated or transform values, the way of the world where people live without any real reference to God in the way of God. Down to the centuries this warning of Jesus and the often been neglected, followers of Jesus have very often experienced reductionism which made it possible for them to live in the world in a very secular way.


Reflection: do you find tension between your companionship with Jesus and the attractions of our culture?


Prayer: Holy Spirit, I know we live in a world which has many  attractions and many adult toys to which we give our hearts. Consumerism is real in our world and being caught up in its attractions is very tempting. I pray that Holy Spirit will help me to discern what I need and also what I don\'t need, between what I want and what I don\'t need. Amen