Daily reflections: Tuesday: June 3/14


Gospel John 17:1... in this passage John has Jesus talking to the people about his relationship with them, his relationship with God, and their relationship with God as a result of them knowing Jesus. Jesus shows the depth of his love for his people and wanting the very best for them when he said: “all mine are yours, and yours are mine, and I have been glorified in them.” It may seem like Jesus is taking ownership of the people when he says we are is, not so, Jesus is talking about a living and viable relationship between the people of God and the God they worship. It is a relationship that is life giving, encouraging and supportive, strengthening and guiding, it is a mutual relationship of God\'s love for the people and people love and fidelity to that relationship.


Reflection: do you live with a sense of a relationship with the

Divine Presence within you?


Prayer: Gracious God, I know you as a Divine Presence in my heart and dwelling in the hearts of all people and all creation. More than anything else in the world I value our relationship and the unconditional love which you show me and inspired by of the Spirit I will endeavor to love you always and to serve you faithfully. Amen