Spirit people...we are


Daily reflection: Monday: June 2/14


Gospel John 16/29... in this Gospel John once more as Jesus talking about his departure. Once more, we see the doubt and uncertainty of his friends who have been designated as the ones to carry on his mission in the world. One thing Jesus always did was to reassure any courage his friends, he inspired many of his friends to do more than they could ever dream to. Today we read, “take courage, I have conquered in the world.” With these words Jesus was telling the disciples remember what he has been able to do that by his fidelity to the Spirit he has been able to lay the seeds for the harvest. They are the harvest and they are to go out and so seeds to the harvest of the kingdom of God will grow in the hearts of people. Today, the world at large needs more people first of all nature does seeds of faith in their own heart and then as they experience the harvest themselves they will by word and example so seeds of faith in the hearts of others, when this is done, the kingdom of God takes shape here on earth.


Reflection: do you feel encouraged and strengthened by the Spirit to be a credible witness as a member of the kingdom of God?


Prayer: Spirit of the living God, I know that you dwell my heart. In our modern world is very difficult to be a faithful witness as the kingdom of God person. However, I fully trust that the Spirit within me will give me the courage and the strength to be a faithful witness to Jesus and the kingdom. Amen