caring community


Daily reflections: Thursday: May 29/14


Scripture: Acts 18:1... this is the story of the trials of generations of St. Paul as he made his way going from building civilians to teach that Jesus was the Messiah. In the beginning, Paul was welcomed into the synagogues, but when he continued to insist that Jesus was the Messiah the Jewish religious leaders took offense and cast him out of the synagogue. All went next door to the home of Titius and people came to listen up all preach and teach. We read: ”many of the Corinthians who heard Paul became believers that were baptized.” As a result of this the Corinthian Christian community became alive and viable in that town and as time went on more and more people came and asked for membership because they said: “we see how those Christians love one another” and they desired to be a part of such a caring community.


Reflection: you experience your Christian community as caring and support?


Prayer: I pray that I will find a community that\'s really motivated by the love of God and the love of people and acts in a very compassionate and caring way to all members. I will add my compassion to the community to increase its love and support for all especially the weaker members. Amen