taught by the Spirit


Daily reflections: Wednesday: May 28/14


Gospel John 16:12... again John has Jesus talking about his departure and although he\'s been teaching them regularly he says that there is even more that they need to know. Then Jesus tells them that since they already don\'t understand much of what is taught they are not  ready to receive and understand any further teachings, at least for now. Jesus also that this will change, it will change when the Spirit of truth comes to them and enlightens them in the Spirit of truth will help them to understand not only what Jesus taught them well so further revelation of truth which will come to them through the community. The Holy Spirit, like Jesus, will be a teacher of the way of God that is not as yet been revealed. As a result, the friends of Jesus and to await the coming of the Holy Spirit which we will celebrate on Pentecost Sunday. It is the same Holy Spirit that we received in our baptism and confirmation.


Reflection: you experience the Holy Spirit is a teacher who enlightens you and gives you a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus our teacher, you promised and kept your promise of the coming of the Holy Spirit for your first disciples and for all the baptized and confirmed down through the ages. I ,and we , have received the Spirit within us and we need to listen to the Spirit in order to be caught and to understand the mysteries of God. Amen