Daily reflections: Friday: May 23: 14


Gospel John 15:12... John puts this part of his Gospel in the context of Jesus telling his friends that he\'s going to leave them that he\'s going to call them and send them to further his mission of bringing about the kingdom of God in the hearts and souls of people. Jesus called his disciples friends not servants. Then Jesus says to them: “you did not choose me I chose you. And I appoint you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last”. So we asked the question, what fruit will last forever? We know that material wealth and possessions will not last forever, we know that possessions and a nice house will not last forever. We know that having an important job and important reputation will not last forever. What will last forever?


Reflection: in your mind, what fruit of yours will last forever?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, the fruit of life has lasted down through the centuries, your gentle personality, your compassion for the poor and the marginalized, your patience with those who carried a heavy burden, and your courage to challenge those who were oppressing people. Your way of life is a clear inspiration for me to produce fruit that will last far beyond my short life in this world. Amen