the joy of Jesus


Daily reflections: Thursday: May 22/14


Gospel John 15:9... did you ever wonder if God wants you to be happy and enjoy life? In today\'s Gospel Jesus had been teaching people about what it is to live a relationship with God and after his teaching he said “I have said these things to you so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.” Over the centuries due to the over emphasis on law, rules, and blind obedience it seems everything than many ways that the joy of living and actually place heavy burdens on people\'s lives as we strive to be good people. This was never the intention of Jesus or God, Jesus certainly enjoyed life and there was joy in his heart, and Jesus wanted people to enjoy life and to find joy in their heart.


Reflection: does your idea of God negate or promote joy?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, it\'s clear that you were a happy man and because of your joy and happiness you attracted many people to you who were also seeking a way of life which would enable them to enjoy and to be happy. You will give us a recipe for joy and happiness and when we take in your recipe, your way of life and your teachings, we can indeed give yourself permission to enjoy life and be happy. Amen