inner peace


Daily reflections: Tuesday: May 20/14


Gospel John 14:27... in this gospel John as Jesus giving final words to his disciples before his departure, he gives them a great gift, the gift of peace. Jesus said: “peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Do not match your heart be troubled, and do not let them be afraid” Jesus could assure his people of inner peace, peace of mind and soul, because you talk them to trust God. The theory is that if they trust God that nothing can disturb your peace, trusting God means that they will not be afraid, will not be anxious about the future, will not worry about criticism or threats, and as a result of trusting God in all situations they will have inner peace. The teaching Jesus gave to his disciples are for ours as well... by the grace of God we must learn to put our deep and abiding trust in God\'s law and presence in our life.


Reflection: you find when faced with anxious moments that you put your trust in God?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you have taught me that when in the face of difficulties, problems, rather than becoming anxious and worried about a situation, and losing my peace, I now know that putting my trust in God and putting every situation in the hands of God assures me of inner peace. Amen