Jesus a way of life


Daily reflections: Friday: May 16/14


Gospel John 14:1... in this passage Jesus is touting the people that he would soon be departing this world. He tells them not to be troubled or sad because they will meet again in the afterlife. Thomas, the doubting apostle, how do we know where you\'re going and how we know the way to where you\'re going.? Jesus replied “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” This is a very important teaching by Jesus, but to be a follower of Jesus is to live the way of life that is in congruous with his life, his vision, his teachings. So often, the following of Jesus has been portrayed as obedience to a body of articles of faith and be obedient in a believing all of this theology. Not so. For a group of people to be a faithful follower of Jesus it means that they live a certain way, a clear lifestyle, a philosophy of life which is in congruous with Jesus and his way.


Reflection: you focus most on religion or living the way of Jesus?


Prayer: Mighty Spirit, I know you dwell within me and you are the one who will help me to see clearly the way of Jesus and you give me the courage and the strength to be a faithful follower of the way. Amen