humility in speech


Daily reflections: Thursday: May 15/14


Scripture: Acts 13/13... say Paul and his companions are traveling from village to village telling people about Jesus, his vision and his dream, and hoping to create an interest less on the people will ask to be baptized and become followers of Jesus. In the synagogue, you officials asked Jesus to speak to the congregation. He does. Paul begins by giving them a history lesson of God\'s liberation of the Jewish people and his God liberation is for them as well. He makes reference to John baptizer and has John saying “what do you suppose I am? I am not he. I am not worthy to untie the throng of his sandals.” John The Baptist had become a very popular and well known preacher and teacher and people were following him and as a result he tells the people don\'t make the mistake of thinking I am the Messiah. John shows his humility and his truthfulness and so speaking to the people.


Reflection: John did not want to take credit for somebody else\'s work, his humility, do you imitate John?


Prayer: I see that John the Baptist was both humble and truthful in talking to the people. I will learn from John the Baptist to practice humility and truthfulness in my own life. Amen