Daily reflections: Wednesday: May 14/14


Scripture Acts 1:15... this story springs from the very early life of the church as a friends of Jesus come to terms with the departure of Jesus and now they\'re on their own. The question arises, who should replace Judas who betrayed Jesus? Here we have example of discernment that arises out of prayer and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The friends proposed two men Joseph and Matthias. Then they very quietly sat in prayer trusting that the Spirit would show them which one should replace Judas. After a time of prayer the cast lots and Matthias was chosen to replace Judas. This might be a way of helping us in our decision-making that we get all the facts, then we sit in prayer asking for and expecting the Spirit to guide, and then when enlightenment comes we feel safe in moving forward knowing we\'re doing the will of God.


Reflection: you gather facts and spend some time in prayer for guidance before you make decisions?


Prayer: God of wisdom, this passage tells me that discernment in my life

for the making of important decisions. I have now decided I will get the facts, be still and listen to the Spirit, then being enlightened by the Spirit, I will make my decision. Amen